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The aim of this website is to show you an online tour of UK car factories, and provide information to enable you to visit them.

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Manganese Bronze calls in administrators 22 October 2012

Jobs under threat at Coalville car parts firm 07 October 2012

JCB's Brazil plant 'will benefit West Midlands' economy' 27 September 2012

JCB Brazil plant not 'bad news' for UK 27 September 2012

Google Earth Tour

By clicking on the Google Earth Tour links around the site, you can view aerial photos and in some cases use Google Streetview to see the view from the road. You will need Google Earth to do this. If you can't get Google Earth for any reason, you can copy the link, visit and paste it into the search box. The below link shows all factories, whereas the ones on each factory page (where shown) show each part of the factory.

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Melville ezines