Longbridge MG Rover

Factory information

Factory ownerMG Motor UK
Factory statusMuch of old MG Rover factory now demolished. Limited production of MG TF sports car currently paused.
BuiltOriginal factory built 1895. Many alterations between 1905-1979.

Tour information

Tours to start from 15th March 2012, initially not in the assembly buildings due to construction work. Please visit the MG Motor Website for information.

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Music video

The Longbridge factory featured in the music video for Believe by The Chemical Brothers. The video is viewable on their website.

More information



Making cars at Longbridge

This book consists mainly of photographs with captions, with the odd page of text to keep the reader up to date. Full of fascinating photographs, this book is well worth a read.

End of the Road

A deep look into BMW and Rover's relationship from a business point of view. Makes an interesting read although the book's detail and lack of automotive content will not appeal to all readers.

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